Class: MooMoo::Transfer

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#attributes, #initialize, #message, register_service, #successful?

Constructor Details

This class inherits a constructor from MooMoo::BaseCommand

Instance Method Details

- (Object) cancel_transfer

Cancels transfers that are pending owner approval.

# File 'lib/moo_moo/services/transfer.rb', line 8

register_service :cancel_transfer, :transfer

- (Object) cancel_transfer_for_order

Cancels a transfer that is pending owner approval by order ID

Note: This method may be deprecated

# File 'lib/moo_moo/services/transfer.rb', line 14

register_service :cancel_transfer_for_order, :transfer

- (Object) check_transfer

Checks to see if the specified domain can be transferred in to OpenSRS, or transferred from one OpenSRS Reseller to another. This call can also be used to check the status of the last transfer request on a given domain name.

# File 'lib/moo_moo/services/transfer.rb', line 22

register_service :check_transfer, :domain

- (Object) get_transfers_away

Lists domains that have been transferred away. This command applies to all domains in a Reseller's profile.

# File 'lib/moo_moo/services/transfer.rb', line 29

register_service :get_transfers_away, :domain

- (Object) get_transfers_in

Lists domains that have been transferred in. This command applies to all domains in a Reseller's profile.

# File 'lib/moo_moo/services/transfer.rb', line 36

register_service :get_transfers_in, :domain

- (Object) process_transfer

Creates a new order with the same data as a cancelled order; the existing cancelled order is not modified. This command is only available for failed transfers with the status of 'cancelled'.

# File 'lib/moo_moo/services/transfer.rb', line 43

register_service :process_transfer, :transfer

- (Object) rsp2rsp_push_transfer

Transfer a domain from one Reseller to another Reseller. The domain is not renewed when it is transferred and so no charges are incurred.

# File 'lib/moo_moo/services/transfer.rb', line 58

register_service :rsp2rsp_push_transfer, :domain

- (Object) send_password

Resends an email message for a transfer that is in 'pending owner approval' state, to the admin contact listed for the domain at the time that the transfer request was submitted. If a transfer is currently in progress, but in a different state, an error is returned.

# File 'lib/moo_moo/services/transfer.rb', line 51

register_service :send_password, :transfer