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AviGlitch destroys your AVI files.

I can't explain why they're going to destroy their own data, but they do.

You can find a short guide at https://ucnv.github.io/aviglitch/. It provides a way to manipulate the data in each AVI frames. It will mostly be used for making datamoshing videos. It parses only container level structure, doesn't parse codecs.

See following urls for details about visual glitch;


  require 'aviglitch'

  avi = AviGlitch.open('/path/to/your.avi')
  avi.glitch(:keyframe) do |data|
    data.gsub(/\d/, '0')

This library also includes a command line tool named datamosh. It creates the keyframes removed video.

  $ datamosh /path/to/your.avi -o /path/to/broken.avi

For more practical usages, please check https://github.com/ucnv/aviglitch-utils/tree/master/bin.


  gem install aviglitch


This library is distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.