by Lee Marlow and contributors


Gemedit lets you quickly open up the source for a gem in your favorite editor.

Looking through other people's code is a great way to learn. I often use it when a gem's RDoc isn't as helpful as I'd like or just want to see how someone put a library together. Gemedit just makes it easier to get to the code.


Gemedit is installed via RubyGems and is available as a gem command:

$ gem install gemedit


If you want to see how gemedit works just install it and run this:

$ gem edit gemedit

Gemedit tries to use your favorite editor from your $GEMEDITOR, $VISUAL or $EDITOR environment variable. It will fall back to everyone's favorite editor: vi. You can specify the editor with the -e/--editor switch. Run this to view the source for rake in TextMate:

$ gem edit -e mate rake

And of course, help is available:

$ gem edit -h
$ gem edit --help


The source is currently on github at Feel free to fork it and submit pull requests.

$ git clone