Arachni-RPC Pure

Version 0.2
Github page
Code Documentation
Author Tasos Laskos
Twitter @Zap0tek
Copyright 2011-2014
License 3-clause BSD


Arachni-RPC Pure is a simple implementation of a client for the Arachni-RPC protocol and comes pre-configured with a suitable serializer (MessagePack basically) for communicating with Arachni's services.

It is, in essence, a very simple, reference implementation for people who want to write their own clients in order to communicate with Arachni.


Usages examples are in the examples/ directory.



The Gem hasn't been pushed yet, the system is still under development.


If you want to clone the repository and work with the source code:

git co git://
cd arachni-rpc-pure
rake install

Bug reports/Feature requests

Please send your feedback using Github's issue system at


Arachni-RPC Pure is provided under the 3-clause BSD license.

See the LICENSE file for more information.