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What is it?

This gem provides a set of classes to access information on BookingSync via the published API:

Booking, Client, Rental and Inquiry.

All these classes are inherited from ActiveResouce::Base. You can refer to the ActiveResouce documentation for more information.


gem install bookingsync

or within a Rails 3 application

gem "bookingsync"


This gem depends on ActiveResource 3.x

Configure your key

require 'bookingsync'

BookingSync::Base.user = 'api-auth-token'

If you are using this in a Rails application, putting this code in a config/initializers/bookingsync.rb file is recommended. See config_initializers_bookingsync.rb in the examples/ directory.


Further documentation can be found on


@rental = BookingSync::Rental.create(:name => 'Wonderful Rental')

@rentals = BookingSync::Rental.all

@bookings = BookingSync::Booking.find_all_across_pages(:params => {:rental_id => 12345})

@bookings = BookingSync::Rental.find(12345).bookings


This code is free to be used under the terms of the MIT license.