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Harvests metadata from a digital repository into Solr for indexing.

OAI-PMH support

The Stash::Harvester::OAIPMH module harvests metadata from an OAI-PMH repoistory.

ResourceSync support

The Stash::Harvester::Resync module harvests metadata from a ResourceSync source. It makes the following assumptions:

  1. Metadata is a first-class resource with its own lifecycle, its own published change lists, etc.
  2. A Capability List exists, at a well-known URI, to advertise the metadata resources and their changes.
  3. This Capability List advertises a Change List, a Change Dump, or both.
    • As implied (though not explicitly stated) by the ResourceSync spec, if both a Change List and a Change Dump exist, all changes in the Change List are also in a corresponding Change Dump. That is, wherever both exist, it is sufficient to examine only one or the other.
  4. The Change List / Change Dump resources advertised in the Capability List may be either single lists / dumps or Change List Indices / Change Dump Indices, as advertised in the spec.