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Allows you to memoize simple methods and works only on ruby 2.0 or greater.


class Counter
  extend Pakiderm

  def increment
    @sum = 1 + @sum.to_i

  memoize :increment, assignable: true

Your method will only be called the first time, the result will be stored and returned on subsequent invocations. ```irb counter = => Counter

counter.increment => 1

counter.increment => 1

counter.increment = 5 => 5

counter.increment => 5 `` As you can see, you can also pass theassignable` option, so that the memoized methods also provide an assignment operator to override the memoized value :smiley:.


Pakiderm uses Module#prepend to add the memoized method before yours in the method lookup path of your class. Your method is called by using 'super', because the class is an ancestor to the prepended module.


If you override a memoized method in a derived class, you alter the method chain, so the derived method won't be memoized unless you invoke memoize in the derived class as well.


You can view the Pakiderm documentation in RDoc format here:


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