A Ruby client that allows you to send SMS messages via Mollie.nl.

See Mollie::SMS for the API documentation. Or, if you are reading this as plain text, on rdoc.info.

See the Mollie.nl API documentation for more info.

Note that it currently only does what we need, for our app, at this point in time. Which means that it connects to the webservice via SSL, and only sends a message to one recipient at a time. Finally, it assumes ActiveSupport is available for XML parsing. (A patch that adds a fallback, to REXML, is much appreciated.)


$ gem install mollie-sms

Or if you have a checkout of the source and have installed Jeweler:

$ rake install


The minimum required settings are:

For example, a Rails initializer might look like:

module Mollie
  SMS.username   = 'Fingertips'
  SMS.password   = 'secret'
  SMS.originator = 'fngtps.nl'


Normal usage

require 'mollie/sms'

sms = Mollie::SMS.new('+31681664814', 'You have won a bowl of chicken noodle soup!')
=> #<Mollie::SMS from: <fngtps.nl> to: <+31681664814> body: "You have won a bowl of chicken noodle soup!">

response = sms.deliver # => #<Mollie::SMS::Response succeeded (10) `Message successfully sent.'>

response.success? # => true
response.result_code # => 10
response.message # => "Message successfully sent."

Test usage

require 'mollie/sms'
require 'mollie/sms/test_helper'


response = sms.deliver # => #<Mollie::SMS::Response failed (400) `[HTTP: 400] Bad request'>
response.success? # => false
response.result_code # => 400
response.message # => "[HTTP: 400] Bad request"

Mollie::SMS.gateway_failure! # => #<Mollie::SMS::Response failed (20) `No username given.'>

response = sms.deliver # => #<Mollie::SMS::Response failed (20) `No username given.'>
response.success? # => false
response.result_code # => 20
response.message # => "No username given."

=> [#<Mollie::SMS from: <fngtps.nl> to: <+31681664814> body: "You have won a bowl of chicken noodle soup!">,
    #<Mollie::SMS from: <fngtps.nl> to: <+31681664814> body: "You have won a bowl of chicken noodle soup!">]


If you are using Rails and load the Mollie::SMS gem, it will automatically require the test helper in test mode.

It also requires the test helper in development mode, so no actual SMS messages can be send. Instead, the messages are logged to the development.log.


Once you've made your great commits:

  1. Fork Mollie-SMS

  2. Create a topic branch

    git checkout -b my_branch
  3. Push to your branch

    git push origin my_branch
  4. Create an issue with a link to your branch

  5. That's it!


Copyright © 2010-2014 Eloy Duran, Fingertips <[email protected]>

This software is MIT licensed. See LICENSE for more info.