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The Yum is the application with command line interface. The main purpose of this application is to increase your cookings skills, which are represented as the level. All you need to do is to generate the recipe which you like, cook the food, eat it and review it using scale from 0 to 3. The better food you prepare, the more XP points you get. Increasing your XP points leads to increasing your level. And your level and XP points "unlock" for you more difficult recipes, which needs more time too cook.

The application uses the Yummly API to access the recipes of the food:


There is also used the Backendless REST as the storage of users data:


Application uses Faraday adapter for executing the requests:


As the new user, you should registrate first with your email and password. After login, you start at level 0 and you are able to generate recipe. So let's cook!


You are able to install this gem using this command:

$ gem install yum

You can find it on link:


Or you can download it from Github and install it this way:

$ gem build yum.gemspec
$ gem install yum-[VERSION].gem


All functionality of this command line application is provided trough the command yum. Before using this application, you must set two environment variables BACKENDLESS_KEY and YUMMLY_KEY, which are specific for this application.

Because it is an academic application, you need to ask for the keys from author.


$ yum register EMAIL PASSWORD


$ yum login EMAIL PASSWORD

Recipe may be generated only for the logged user, because its difficulty (maximal time for cooking) is computed from user's level. User is also able to set filter for searching in recipes (holiday recipes, diet, natioanl cuisines, ingredients, phrase,...) The command that provides recipe looks like this:

$ yum [OPTIONS] recipe

The user is able to view his last recipe

$ yum last

Expected scenario how to play this game is when user generaters the recipe, he cooks it after that. After all that cooking and eating, user is able to review his prepared food from 0 to 3 points. The reviews provides XP points to user. The user is able to review his last food only once. After that, his last food is deleted from the database.

$ yum review [0..3]

To display the user's stats (email, level, xp), you should use this command:

$ yum user


To generate the documentation using the yard use the command

$ yard doc


To run the tests using the rspec set the BACKENDLESS_KEY and YUMMLY_KEY and use the command:

$ rspec spec 


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


  • [x] generates recipes from https://www.yummly.com/ for user depending on user's level
  • [x] after cooking the food, the user or user's friend is able to evaluate the food
  • [x] the user gain XP depending on the evaluation of the cooked food
  • [x] the user is able to filter diet
  • [x] the user is able to filter national cuisine
  • [x] the user is able to filter ingredients
  • [x] the user is able to choose aprox. time for cooking - time depends on user's level
  • [x] the user is able to filter the holiday recipes
  • [x] the user is able to set personal data in configuration file - user doesn't need configuration file, application uses Backendless database
  • [x] docummentation
  • [x] tests