A Discord bot written in Ruby, originally made for a private Discord community. The name comes from one of the main heroines of Fate/stay night, Tohsaka Rin.

Rails web interface for the bot here: TohsakaWeb.

Installation & Running

  1. Enable Privileged Gateway Intents here:<id>/bot
  2. Install Ruby (rbenv recommended for Linux) and MariaDB
  3. Use these SQL commands to create user and database for the bot. Remember to change USERNAMEs and PASSWORD. CREATE USER 'USERNAME'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD'; CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS tohsaka CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on tohsaka.* to 'USERNAME'@'localhost'; FLUSH privileges;
  4. Switch to the root folder of the bot and run the following command to populate the database with tables: mysql -u USERNAME -p tohsaka < structure.sql
  5. Install bundler: gem install bundler
  6. Run bundle install to install required gems.
  7. On Windows, if installing the mysql2 gem fails, install it separetely with: gem install mysql2 -- '--with-mysql-lib="C:\devkit\MariaDB 10.5\lib" --with-mysql-include="C:\devkit\MariaDB 10.5\include"'
  8. Start the bot by running bundle exec ruby run.rb.
  9. Bot can be invited to a server with the following URL (remember to change the CLIENT_ID):

Documentation with YARD

YARD files can be generated with: yard command.

They can be viewed by opening doc/_index.html in a browser.

Testing with RSpec

Tests can be performed with rspec command.


  • Ruby >= 2.7 supported
  • MariaDB / MySQL
  • Gems specified in Gemfile (installed by bundle install)