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Aramis Clan Discord bot. Has the following functionality:

  • Moderation commands (mute, punish, kick, ban)
  • Custom commands
  • Activity logging

NOTE: This bot is meant to run on UNIX-like systems and no instructions will be provided for Windows installation though it will still run if you set it up properly.


This bot is made to run on MRI Ruby 2.4.0. I have not tested it on any other versions.


Run the bundler to install all gems and dependencies.

bundle install

Some of the gems may require you to install additional libraries. The instructions for all of these are on the relevant gem's documentation.

If you don't have Bundler, just install it via:

gem install bundler

The file lib/config/connect.yml must be updated with the correct values to use the bot. For example:

client_id: 000000000000000000
token: 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

The client ID and token will both be available from your My Apps section on Discord's Developer site.

Database connectivity is set up in lib/config/database.yml. If rake db:create cannot make your database, you will have to grant permissions to the user for the relevant database (by ENV).

After all of the above is complete, just run this in the terminal:

rake shimapan:run

You can specify the environment after the run (rake shimapan:run:production).

Note that if you run the bot like this, it will die if you Ctrl + C or close the shell. Adding an ampersand (&) after the command will allow you to close the shell but the bot will still die if your computer disconnects from the internet (also works like this if you had started it on a remote server). To avoid this, use nohup or screen to disconnect the instance from your shell user.

 nohup rake shimapan:run:production > /dev/null 2>&1&


All documentation for the bot can be found in the Wiki. Alternatively, look at the Rubydoc.


Copyright (c) 2017. Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.