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Easily calculates the time running (elapsed time) from one location to another inside your code and reports statistics. It helps you improve your code and find out which part of your code is consuming more time.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'timify'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install timify



You need to supply a name for your Timify instance. You can have all the Timify instances you want at the same time.

t = Timify.new :create_user
t.show = false
t.min_time_to_show = 0.5

min_time_to_show: minimum time to show the elapsed time when calling 'add' method

show: print out results on screen

you can supply those parameters also:

t = Timify.new :create_user, show: true, min_time_to_show: 0.3

The scopes of the instances can be even global so you can measure the elapsed times between different classes, methods... on your code.


Adds a new point to count the elapsed time. It will count from the last 'add' call or Timify creation in case of the first 'add'.

You can supply a label that will summarize all the ones with the same label

The output of this method will be the time elapsed in seconds (float).


t=Timify.new :example
t.add; run_sqls; t.add :database
#some processes
#some processes
send_email_alert(t.totals[:message]) if t.add > 0.2
#some processes
do_log(t.totals[:message]) if t.add > 0.5


Returns all data for this instance

In case json parameter supplied as true, the output will be in json format instead of a hash.

The output hash contains:

name: (String) name given for this instance'

total_time: (float) total elapsed time from initialization to last 'add' call

started: (Time)

finished: (Time)

message: (String) a printable friendly message giving all information

locations, labels, ranges: (Hash) the resultant hash contains:

    secs: (float) number of seconds

    percent: (integer) percentage in reference to the total time

    count: (integer) number of times

locations: (Hash) All summary data by location where was called

labels: (Hash) All summary data by label given on 'add' method

ranges: (Hash) All summary data by ranges where was called, from last 'add' call to current 'add' call

Example of output:

{  :name=>:add_customer_wrong, 
   :started=>2017-11-06 16:10:53 +0000, 
   :finished=>2017-11-06 16:10:57 +0000, 
      "/add_customer.rb:509"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:529"=>{:secs=>0.008001, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:532"=>{:secs=>0.212021, :percent=>5, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:569"=>{:secs=>0.006001, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:581"=>{:secs=>0.446045, :percent=>10, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:583"=>{:secs=>3.789378, :percent=>85, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:585"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:587"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:595"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:603"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:612"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:617"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}
        :database_access=>{:secs=>4,447444, :percent=>99, :count=>3},
        :checkouts=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>2},
      "/add_customer.rb:509 - /add_customer.rb:529"=>{:secs=>0.008001, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:529 - /add_customer.rb:532"=>{:secs=>0.212021, :percent=>5, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:532 - /add_customer.rb:569"=>{:secs=>0.006001, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:569 - /add_customer.rb:581"=>{:secs=>0.446045, :percent=>10, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:581 - /add_customer.rb:583"=>{:secs=>3.789378, :percent=>85, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:583 - /add_customer.rb:585"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:585 - /add_customer.rb:587"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:587 - /add_customer.rb:595"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:595 - /add_customer.rb:603"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:603 - /add_customer.rb:612"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}, 
      "/add_customer.rb:612 - /add_customer.rb:617"=>{:secs=>0.0, :percent=>0, :count=>1}

        Total time <add_customer_wrong>:4.46
        Total time by location:
            /add_customer.rb:509: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:529: 0.01 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:532: 0.21 (5%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:569: 0.01 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:581: 0.45 (10%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:583: 3.79 (85%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:585: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:587: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:595: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:603: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:612: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:617: 0.0 (0%) #1
        Total time by label:
            database_access: 4.45 (99%) #3
            checkouts: 0.0 (0%) #2
        Total time by range:
            /add_customer.rb:509 - /add_customer.rb:529: 0.01 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:529 - /add_customer.rb:532: 0.21 (5%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:532 - /add_customer.rb:569: 0.01 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:569 - /add_customer.rb:581: 0.45 (10%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:581 - /add_customer.rb:583: 3.79 (85%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:583 - /add_customer.rb:585: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:585 - /add_customer.rb:587: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:587 - /add_customer.rb:595: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:595 - /add_customer.rb:603: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:603 - /add_customer.rb:612: 0.0 (0%) #1
            /add_customer.rb:612 - /add_customer.rb:617: 0.0 (0%) #1


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/marioruiz/timify.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.