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The Helix gem allows developers to easily connect to and manipulate the Perceptive Media API.


You should find the documentation for your version of helix on Rubygems.


gem install helix

or add the following line to Gemfile:

gem 'helix'

and run bundle install from your shell.

Install From Repo

Using sudo:

git clone [email protected]:Perceptive-Cloud/helix.git 
gem build helix.gemspec  
sudo gem i helix-*.gem

RVM or root support:

git clone [email protected]:Perceptive-Cloud/helix.git
gem build helix.gemspec
gem i helix-*.gem

Rebuilding the gem, use the first for sudo, the second for RVM or root:

rake reinstall_helix
rake reinstall_helix_rvm

Using gem in a Gemfile

gem 'helix', :git => '[email protected]:Perceptive-Cloud/helix.git'

Supported Ruby versions


How To

Setup YAML

site: 'http://service.twistage.com'
company: 'my_company'
license_key: '141a86b5c4091'
library: 'development'

Boot up IRB in your console


Load the YAML file as your config.

require 'helix'
videos = Helix::Video.find_all

If no file is passed in Helix will default to './helix.yml'

More Information


How to contribute


Helix was written by Kevin Baird and Michael Wood.

Helix is maintained and funded by Perceptive Software

The names and logos for Perceptive Media are trademarks of Perceptive Software.


Helix is Copyright © 2008-2014 Perceptive Software.