Resound API CircleCI

The backend that all of Resound's apps hook into. More info about the suite of apps in the wiki

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the latest docker image and run the image on your docker machine.

  1. docker pull scprdev/resound-api
  2. docker run -d -it -p 80:3000 scprdev/resound-api

Postgres setup

Resound API works with Postgres out of the box.

MySQL setup

Resound is also designed to work with a MySQL database, although it loses some of the full text search capabilities, so search may be slower.

To run Resound API with the MySQL adapter, edit database.yml appropriately. Also comment out the Scenic gem gem 'scenic', '~> 1.4.0' from the Gemfile befure running bundle install

Upload via FTP

It is possible to configure resound-api to upload via FTP:

  1. Copy shrine_ftp_.rb.example to shrine.rb in the config/initializers directory
  2. Either fill in your FTP credentials in this new shrine.rb or pass them in as the environment variables.

Required environment variables for FTP:

  • RESOUND_FTP_USER=ftpusername
  • RESOUND_FTP_PASSWD=ftppassword
  • RESOUND_FTP_DIR=optional_directory



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