Boolean — Additional Boolean-related core extensions

Author Tim Morgan
Version 1.0 (Feb 15, 2011)
License Released under the MIT license.


Boolean adds some helpful methods for working with Ruby’s Boolean types, TrueClass and FalseClass (the singleton classes whose only instances are true and false, respectively).

With Boolean, you get a Boolean mixin so you can refer to true and false under a common class name:

  if variable.kind_of?(Boolean) then
    [ ... ]

You can also type-cast Ruby objects into their Boolean values:

  "string".to_bool #=> true
  nil.to_bool #=> false

And you can parse various Ruby objects to Booleans:

  "yes".parse_bool #=> true
  "no".parse_bool #=> false
  1.parse_bool => true
  0.parse_bool => false

(parse_bool is also aliased as to_b to be consistent with the to_i/to_int naming paradigm.)

Lastly, inline with the Integer() method, you have a Boolean() method:

  Boolean("yes") #=> true
  Boolean("no") #=> false
  Boolean("maybe") #=> ArgumentError

Installation and Usage

Just add the gem to your project’s Gemfile:

gem 'boolean'

All the features shown in the previous section are now available in your project code.

More information can be found in the class and method documentation.