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Megaphone Client

An unofficial Ruby client for the Megaphone API


gem 'megaphone_client', github:"scpr/megaphone_client"


Note: Megaphone API props, such as externalId, are in camelCase instead of snake_case because Megaphone's API expects it when accessing their API. So when passing params or putting/posting a hash, use camelCase. When interfacing with the gem's API, use snake_case.


Configure your app to connect to Megaphone, either in an initializer or from your environment files:

megaphone ={
  token: "{megaphone api token}",
  network_id: "{megaphone network id}",
  organization_id: "{megaphone organization id}"


You can view MegaphoneClient's documentation in RDoc format here:


To run the tests:

bundle exec rspec spec


Pull Requests are encouraged! Suggested practice:

  • Fork and make changes
  • Submit a PR from fork to this master