Knife BigV

A work in progress. This uses the bigv client software to create, list and delete VMs.

All development so far has been with Ruby 1.9.3 on a Debian system.


Install BigV client and configure it to not require passwords


knife bigv server delete -N HOSTNAME
knife bigv server create [RUN LIST...] (options)
knife bigv server list
knife bigv flavor list

When creating a server, the following options are available:

-C, --server-cores CORES         The number of CPU cores that you want for your VM.
    --server-discs               Your comma-separated list of disc specifications.
-f, --flavor FLAVOR              The operating system to install on the virtual machine.
-M, --server-memory MEMORY       The memory that you want for your VM, in GiB.

Flavors available are currently: centos-5.8, centos-6.2, lucid, maverick, natty, oneiric, squeeze, symbiosis, winweb2k8r2, none.


There is a known issue with the BigV client in ruby 1.9. This stops YAML output from working and also means the library depends on the cli client.

The next release of the BigV software is likely to fix both of these issues, at which point we can get bootstrapping working in this plugin. It is not currently known when the next release is due.