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A Ruby interface to Archive.org’s Wayback Machine Memento API.


gem install wayback

Quick Start Guide

Accessing the Wayback Machine is super-duper easy.

ruby require 'wayback' Wayback.page('http://www.xolator.com', :first)


You can browse the Rdoc here.


There is no real configuration necessary for accessing the Wayback Machine Memento API, however you can change endpoint and other basic connection options.

The current defaults configurations for this gem are:

ruby Wayback.configure do |c| c.endpoint = 'http://web.archive.org' c.endpoint_path = '/web' c.json_endpoint = 'http://archive.org' c.json_endpoint_path = '/wayback' c.connection_options = { :headers => {:user_agent => "Wayback Ruby Gem #{Wayback::Version}"}, :request => {:open_timeout => 5, :timeout => 10}, :ssl => {:verify => false}, } c.identiy_map = false c.middleware = Faraday::Builder.new do |builder| # Convert request params to "www-form-urlencoded" builder.use Faraday::Request::UrlEncoded # Follow redirects builder.use FaradayMiddleware::FollowRedirects # Handle 4xx server responses builder.use Wayback::Response::RaiseError, Wayback::Error::ClientError # Handle 5xx server responses builder.use Wayback::Response::RaiseError, Wayback::Error::ServerError # Parse closest available JSON result builder.use Wayback::Response::ParseAvailablity # Parse memento page builder.use Wayback::Response::ParseMementoPage # Parse link-format with custom memento parser builder.use Wayback::Response::ParseMemento # Set Faraday's HTTP adapter builder.adapter Faraday.default_adapter end

Usage Examples

Fetch the timeline of archived pages

ruby Wayback.list('http://www.xolator.com')

Fetch closest known page to a specified date

ruby Wayback.available('http://www.xolator.com', 20130613055153) Wayback.available('http://www.xolator.com', :first) Wayback.available('http://www.xolator.com', :last)

Fetch a specific archived page

ruby Wayback.page('http://www.xolator.com', 20130613055153) Wayback.page('http://www.xolator.com', :first) Wayback.page('http://www.xolator.com', :last)

Additional Notes

Based heavily on the Twitter gem. (Xièxie!)

More information on Archive’s Wayback Machine memento API can be found here.

Copyright (c) 2013 XOlator. See LICENSE for details.