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A pure-Ruby implementation of sd_notify(3) that can be used to communicate state changes of Ruby programs to systemd.

Refer to the API documentation for more info.

Getting started

Install ruby-sdnotify:

$ gem install sd_notify

If you're using Bundler, add it to your Gemfile:

gem "sd_notify"


The API is mostly tied to the official implementation, therefore refer to the sd_notify(3) man pages for detailed description of how the notification mechanism works.

An example involving a dummy workload (assuming the program is shipped as a systemd service):

require "sd_notify"

puts "Hello! Booting..."

# doing some initialization work...
sleep 2

# notify systemd that we're ready

sum = 0
5.times do |i|
  # doing our main work...
  sleep 1

  sum += 1

  # notify systemd of our progress
  SdNotify.status("{sum} jobs completed")

puts "Finished working. Shutting down..."

# notify systemd we're shutting down

# doing some cleanup work...
sleep 2

puts "Bye"


ruby-sdnotify is licensed under MIT. See LICENSE.