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A Middleman extension to generate VCards and useful helpers to work with.


Include the middleman-vcard gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'middleman-vcard'

Add the following code to your config.rb file:

require "middleman-vcard"
activate :vcard,
  name: data.site.vcard.name,
  emails: [{
    email:     data.site.vcard.email,
    preferred: true,
    location:  "work"
  phones: [{
    number:     data.site.vcard.phone,
    preferred:  true,
    location:   "work",
    capability: ["voice", "video", "msg"]
  addresses: [{
    preferred:  true,
    location:   "work",
    postalcode: data.site.vcard.postalcode.to_s,
    locality:   data.site.vcard.city,
    region:     data.site.vcard.province,
    country:    data.site.vcard.country
  photo: {
    path: File.join(root, config.source, config.images_dir, "logo-vcard.jpg"),
    type: "jpeg"

Of course you can organize your data as you want and choose what to include in your data files or directly in your config file.

Also, you can pass multiple phones, addresses, emails.

Now the VCard file will be automatically generated :D


Usually you need to include your VCard in HTML, so there are some helpers already defined:

Generate a link tag that points to the VCard.

Details here.


Build the path that points to the VCard file.

Details here.


Many thanks to Luca Molari (LMolr)!!


$ gem install middleman-vcard

Copyright (c) 2015 Alessandro Molari

See LICENSE for details.