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VKontakte adapter for the Lita chat bot.


At first, see the documentation for Lita:


Add lita-vkontakte to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem 'lita-vkontakte', '~> 1.0.0'


Go to and create standalone application. Then go to application settings page and look at application ID and secure key.

Open the Ruby console (for example with irb command) and type the following (replace LITA_VK_APP_ID with your application ID):

require 'vkontakte_api'

VkontakteApi.app_id = 'LITA_VK_APP_ID'
VkontakteApi.redirect_uri = ''

puts VkontakteApi.authorization_url(type: :client, scope: [:offline, :messages])

You will see a link. Open it in browser where you are authorized in VKontakte as your future chat bot's user. You will be redirected to some address. We need a parameter access_token from this URL.


Required attributes

  • app_id (String) - An ID of your application
  • app_secret (String) - A secure key of your application
  • access_token (String) - An acces token from URL


This is an example lita_config.rb file:

Lita.configure do |config| = 'Lita'
  config.robot.mention_name = 'lita'

  config.robot.adapter = :vkontakte

  config.adapters.vkontakte.app_id     = '2849670'
  config.adapters.vkontakte.app_secret = 'EtgJI2yFJ0GYzgDLSS8e'
  config.adapters.vkontakte.access_token  = '51jeIbjmmxJvKo7TTaW0Ext4cx6ajonDIbEkSjFofh7boyxH27JcjKXMODwZTaOxLA1bQbRyY0CEUM2TrXGK6'