mu -- Cloudamatic Automation Tooling

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About mu

mu is the deployer and developer toolset for the Cloudamatic complete cloud deployment solution, designed to provision, orchestrate and manage complex platforms and applications. mu provides Cloudamatic deployers and developers with the tools and commands to automate any arbitrarily complex application, platform or combination on a wide range of infrastructure targets, starting with AWS Cloud and including other clouds, virtualized environments and bare iron.

For general information on Cloudamatic, see the cloudamatic repository

For more detailed information on Cloudamatic architecture and mu tooling usage, see our wiki in this repository.

The mu tooling is currently supported on RHEL or CentOS 6 in Amazon Web Services with RHEL/CentOS 7 in active development.


Get started by clicking the Launch Button!!

This does create all the AWS resources in us-east-1 region.

Launch Stack

See the README in the install folder for mu master installation instructions


See the Usage section of our Wiki for an overview of how to use the mu tooling for deployment