This repo is DEPRECATED and is only here for historical reasons.


LESS on Rails.

More is a plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. It automatically parses your applications .less files through LESS and outputs CSS files.

In details, More does the following:

  • Recursively looks for LESS (.less) files in app/stylesheets
  • Ignores partials (prefixed with underscore: _partial.less) - these can be included with @import in your LESS files
  • Saves the resulting CSS files to public/stylesheets using the same directory structure as app/stylesheets


LESS extends CSS with: variables, mixins, operations and nested rules. For more information, see

Upgrading from less-for-rails

The old less-for-rails plugin looked for .less files in public/stylesheets. This plugin looks in app/stylesheets.

To migrate, you can either set Less::More.source_path = Rails.root + "/public/stylesheets", or move your .less files to app/stylesheets.


More depends on the LESS gem. Please install LESS first:

$ gem install less

Rails Plugin

Use this to install as a plugin in a Ruby on Rails app:

$ script/plugin install git://

Rails Plugin (using git submodules)

Use this if you prefer to use git submodules for plugins:

$ git submodule add git:// vendor/plugins/more
$ script/runner vendor/plugins/more/install.rb


Upon installation, a new directory will be created in app/stylesheets. Any LESS file placed in this directory, including subdirectories, will automatically be parsed through LESS and saved as a corresponding CSS file in public/stylesheets. Example:

app/stylesheets/clients/screen.less => public/stylesheets/clients/screen.css

If you prefix a file with an underscore, it is considered to be a partial, and will not be parsed unless included in another file. Example:

<file: app/stylesheets/clients/partials/_form.less>
@text_dark: #222;

<file: app/stylesheets/clients/screen.less>
@import "partials/_form";

input { color: @text_dark; }

The example above will result in a single CSS file in public/stylesheets/clients/screen.css.

Any .css file placed in app/stylesheets will be copied into public/stylesheets without being parsed through LESS.


Source path: the location of your LESS files (default: app/stylesheets)

Less::More.source_path = "public/stylesheets/less"

Destination Path: where the css goes (public/destination_path) (default: stylesheets)

Less::More.destination_path = "css"

More can compress your files by removing extra line breaks (default: true)

Less::More.compression = false

More inserts headers in the generated CSS files, letting people know that the file is in fact generated and shouldn't be edited directly. (default: true)

Less::More.header = false

To configure More for a specific environment, add configuration options into the environment file, such as config/environments/development.rb.

If you wish to apply the configuration to all environments, place them in config/environment.rb.


More provides a set of Rake tasks to help manage your CSS files.

To parse all LESS files and save the resulting CSS files to the destination path, run:

$ rake more:generate

To delete all generated CSS files, run:

$ rake more:clean

This task will not delete any CSS files from the destination path, that does not have a corresponding LESS file in the source path.

Git / SVN

Check in all the generated css(destination path), they are only generated in development


To view the full RDoc documentation, go to


LESS is maintained by Alexis Sellier