Aggie Transition Camps expose incoming Aggies to the traditions and values of Texas A&M University. As a transfer student, they provided tremendous support and encouragement as I left home and moved out of state. I'm developing an Android and iOS application for the organization to give back.

Unfortunately, not much can be done without a server. So, this is a Rails application, serving only a REST API meant to be consumed by a web interface, a native iOS application, and a native Android application.

Environment Variables

Many of the credentials required to run this application are specified in environment variables which are examined as the server starts. These are not checked into the Git repo, because they contain sensitive data. You may want to override these to enable certain features. You should consult the .env.example file to see an example configuration.

Tests Codeship Status for codeblooded/atc-api

You can run the tests manually by running the following command from the root directory of the project:

$ rails test

Whenever a commit is pushed to GitHub or a pull request is submitted, Codeship, a continuous integration system, will be notified of the change, download the code, run the tests, and the project maintainers will get an email.


Whoop! Thanks for your interest! Open an issue and let's discuss your ideas and any issues you encounter. PRs are always welcome :smile: and very appreciated. Thanks and Gig 'em.


Several awesome organizations sponsor ATC. You can see them on the bottom of their homepage.


Donations are not accepted for the development and maintenance of the iOS application, Android application, web console, and REST API Backend. If you want to give back, please consider a donation to Aggie Transition Camps. You can donate on their website.


The project's source code in its entirety is released under the MIT LICENSE. This does not include any artwork or assets provided by ATC and Texas A&M University, which remain the full property of the respective copyright owners.

Also, the app makes use of open source software released under different terms. All of these dependencies are documented in the Gemfile and are made available in their respective GitHub repositories.