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  • Ruby 2.3.1
  • PostgreSQL 9.5 or newer with the hstore extension (should already be installed by default)
  • Redis (only in production), required by Rails 5's ActionCable

Installation instructions

First of all, you need to install the decidim gem, which currently is in a prerelease status.

$ gem install decidim decidim-core --pre

Afterwards, you can create an application with the nice decidim executable:

$ decidim decidim_application
$ cd decidim_application

Note: These steps will be replaced by a simple gem install decidim && decidim decidim_application once the gem is released.

You should now setup your database:

$ rails db:setup

This will also create some default data so you can start testing the app:

  • A Decidim::System::Admin with email [email protected] and password decidim123456, to log in at /system.
  • A Decidim::Organization named Decidim Staging. You probably want to change its name and hostname to match your needs.
  • A Decidim::User acting as an admin for the organization, with email [email protected] and password decidim123456
  • A Decidim::User that also belongs to the organization but it's a regular user.

This data won't be created in production environments, if you still want to do it, run:

$ SEED=true rails db:setup

You can now start your server!

$ rails s

Upgrade instructions

$ bundle update decidim

And don't forget to run the upgrade script:

$ rails decidim:upgrade

If new migrations appear, remember to:

$ rails db:migrate

Docker instructions

You can use Docker instead of installing the gems yourself. Run docker-compose build and then you can generate a new decidim application using docker-compose run --rm decidim bundle exec bin/decidim <app-name>.

Also you can run it as a standalone container like this: docker run --rm codegram/decidim bundle exec bin/decidim <app-name>.


  • You can use your own application layout - hooks have automatically been installed.
  • You can append your own js and css, files have automatically been replaced.