MinceDynamoDb is a ruby ORM to provide a quick way to develop with an Amazon DynamoDb database in Ruby applications.

It is a database interface that abides to the Mince interface API requirements and is officially supported by Mince.

How to use it

View the Mince Wiki on details on how to use this gem.

Basically -

gem install mince_dynamo_db
require 'mince_dynamo_db'

interface = MinceDynamoDb::Interface
interface.add 'tron_light_cycles', luminating_color: 'red', grid_locked: true, rezzed: false
interface.add 'tron_light_cycles', luminating_color: 'blue', grid_locked: true, rezzed: true
    # => [{:luminating_color=>"red", :grid_locked=>true, :rezzed=>false}, {:luminating_color=>"blue", :grid_locked=>true, :rezzed=>true}] 
interface.get_for_key_with_value('tron_light_cycles', :luminating_color, 'blue')
    # => {:luminating_color=>"blue", :grid_locked=>true, :rezzed=>true} 

Configuring MinceDynamoDb to use your Amazon DynamoDb instance:

# Change the values to your credential info
MinceDynamoDb::Config.secret_access_key = 'asdf1234iuoyasdfkljhqweriouy12341234asdf'
MinceDynamoDb::Config.access_key_id = '123asd123asd123asd12'



This gem is officially supported by Mince, please go there to learn how to contribute.