Log4r - A flexible logging library for Ruby

This release: 1.1.11 Release date: 04/Jan/2014 License: BSD Maintainer: Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill Contributors: Leon Torres Original Maintainer

Martain Stannard          RollingFileOutputter
Steve Lumos               SyslogOutputter
Mark Lewandowski          ScribeOutputter
Andreas Hund              YamlConfigurator
Jamis Buck                log4r.gemspec
Charles Strahan           log4jxml/chainsaw integration
Nitay Joffe               STARTTLS
David Siegal              Smart updates to RollingFileOutputter

Homepage: log4r.rubyforge.org/ Download: rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=203


Log4r is a comprehensive and flexible logging library written in Ruby for use in Ruby programs. It features a hierarchical logging system of any number of levels, custom level names, logger inheritance, multiple output destinations per log event, execution tracing, custom formatting, thread safteyness, XML and YAML configuration, and more.


  • (required) Ruby >= 1.7.0 (use log4r 1.0.2 for Ruby 1.6)

  • (optional) RubyGems for installing Log4r as a gem

  • (optional) Ruby syslog library for SyslogOutputter

  • (optional) XML configuration requires REXML

  • (optional) log4j chainsaw integration requires 'builder' >= 2.0

  • (optional) STARTTLS email login, requires 'smtp_tls“ if Ruby <= 1.8.6

More Info

  • Installation instructions are in the file INSTALL

  • Comprehensive examples are provided in examples/ and can be run right away

  • Log4r homepage: doc/index.html Online: log4r.rubyforge.org/

  • Manual: doc/manual.html Online: log4r.rubyforge.org/manual.html

  • RDoc API reference: doc/rdoc/index.html Online: log4r.rubyforge.org/rdoc/index.html

  • The changelog

  • Log4r is hosted by RubyForge, which provides news, bug tracking and a forum

  • Feel free to bug the maintainer with any questions (listed at top of file)


Log4r works really well, so please take advantage of it right away! :) All versions since 0.9.2 have been stable and backward-compatible. The code is stable enough that updates are infrequent and usually only for adding features or keeping the code up to date with Ruby.

Platform Issues

Log4r is known to work on Linux and WindowsXP. It's safe to assume that Log4r will work on any Ruby-supported platform.

When Trouble Strikes

Log4r comes with an internal logger. To see its output, create a logger named 'log4r' before any others and give it a suitable outputter,

trouble = Logger.new['log4r']
trouble.add Outputter.stdout

Try running the unit tests provided (run the file tests/runtest.rb). Let the maintainer know what's up and feel free to explore and fix the code yourself. It's well documented and written in Ruby. :)