Object import for Hyrax.


In your project's Gemfile, add: gem 'darlingtonia', '~> 0.1', then do bundle install.

This software is primarily intended for use in a Hyrax project. However, its dependency on hyrax is kept strictly optional so most of its code can be reused to good effect elsewhere.

To do a basic Hyrax import, first ensure that a work type is registered with your Hyrax application. You need to provide a Parser (out of the box, we support simple CSV import with CsvParser).

parser = Darlingtonia::CsvParser.new(file: File.open('path/to/import.csv'))

Darlingtonia::Importer.new(parser: parser).import


git clone https://github.com/curationexperts/darlingtonia
cd darlingtonia

bundle install
bundle exec rake ci