Module: DataMapper::NamingConventions

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Use these modules to establish naming conventions. The default is UnderscoredAndPluralized. You assign a naming convention like so:

repository(:default).adapter.resource_naming_convention = NamingConventions::Resource::Underscored

You can also easily assign a custom convention with a Proc:

repository(:default).adapter.resource_naming_convention = lambda do |value|
  'tbl' + value.camelize(true)

Or by simply defining your own module in NamingConventions that responds to ::call.

NOTE: It's important to set the convention before accessing your models since the resource_names are cached after first accessed. DataMapper.setup(name, uri) returns the Adapter for convenience, so you can use code like this:

adapter = DataMapper.setup(:default, 'mock://')
adapter.resource_naming_convention = NamingConventions::Resource::Underscored

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