Module: RGeo::WKRep

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This module contains implementations of the OpenGIS well-known representations: the WKT (well-known text representation) and the WKB (well-known binary representation), as defined in the Simple Features Specification, version 1.1. Facilities are provided to serialize any geometry into one of these formats, and to parse a serialized string back into a geometry. Support is also provided for the common extensions to these formats– notably, the EWKT and EWKB formats used by PostGIS.

To serialize a geometry into WKT (well-known text) format, use the WKRep::WKTGenerator class.

To serialize a geometry into WKB (well-known binary) format, use the WKRep::WKBGenerator class.

To parse a string in WKT (well-known text) format back into a geometry object, use the WKRep::WKTParser class.

To parse a byte string in WKB (well-known binary) format back into a geometry object, use the WKRep::WKBParser class.

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Classes: WKBGenerator, WKBParser, WKTGenerator, WKTParser