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Parses a string returning a normalized Address object. When the string is not an US address it returns nil.

This is a port of the of the perl module Geo::StreetAddress::US originally written by Schuyler D. Erle.

Ruby Version

StreetAddress::US version 2+ is designed to work with ruby 2+. It may work with ruby 1.9.3, but will not work with ruby 1.8.x. If you need this to work pre ruby 2.0 please use gem version 1.0.6 or below.


    gem install StreetAddress

then in your code

    require 'street_address'

or from Gemfile

    gem 'StreetAddress', :require => "street_address"

Basic Usage

    require 'street_address'

    address = StreetAddress::US.parse("1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC, 20500")
    address.street # Pennsylvania
    address.number # 1600
    address.postal_code # 20500 # Washington
    address.state # DC
    address.state_name # District of columbia
    address.street_type # Ave
    address.intersection? # false
    address.to_s # "1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500"
    address.to_s(:line1) # 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

    address = StreetAddress::US.parse("1600 Pennsylvania Ave") 
    address.street # Pennsylvania
    address.number # 1600
    address.state # nil

    address = StreetAddress::US.parse("5904 Richmond Hwy Ste 340 Alexandria VA 22303-1864")
    address.postal_code_ext # 1846
    address = StreetAddress::US.parse("5904 Richmond Hwy Ste 340 Alexandria VA 223031864")
    address.postal_code_ext # 1846

Stricter Parsing

    address = StreetAddress::US.parse_address("1600 Pennsylvania Avenue")
    # nil - not enough information to be a full address

    address = StreetAddress::US.parse_address("1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC, 20500")
    # same results as above


The MIT Licencse

Copyright (c) 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 Derrek Long and Contributors