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About the Project

ADPT (AsciiDoc Publishing Toolbox) is a simple publishing tool based on AsciiDoc.

The goal is to create a tool with an interface that’s similar to the one saw in various package managers (like Node’s npm or PHP’s composer) specialized in the creation, management and publishing of documents.

How to install

The installation process it’s simple. You just need to ensure that Ruby is installed on your system. Once done, you can install it from RubyGems using the following command.

# Depending on your system, this may require admin privileges
gem install asciidoc_publishing_toolbox

How to use

Once installed a new command, adpt, will be available. Use adpt --help to get all the available options and commands. A typical use case would be the following:

# Initialize a new document in the directory document-folder
adpt init document-folder

# Add a new chapter to the document in the current directory
adpt chap -t "Chapter Title"

# Build the document in the current directory to HTML and PDF
adpt build

You can edit the document configuration using a text editor: it’s a JSON file that follows the ADPT’s Document Schema.