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Allows sorting Rails models using a custom field.

Code Documentation


Minimum requirements are:

  1. Rails 4.0.0+
  2. Ruby 2.0.0+


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'activesorting'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install activesorting


Adds sorting support to Rails models.

To sort by a model field position:

class Example < ActiveRecord::Base
  sortable :position

You can customize the sorting behavior by passing an options hash. The following keys are supported:

:order sorting direction, can be one of :asc or :desc, defaults to :asc

:step stepping value, only integers allowed, defaults to 500

:scope scopes, defines the ActiveRecord scope applied before calculating the position field value. Defaults to []


After checking out the repo, run bin/setup to install dependencies. You can also run bin/console for an interactive prompt that will allow you to experiment.

To install this gem onto your local machine, run bundle exec rake install. To release a new version, update the version number in version.rb, and then run bundle exec rake release, which will create a git tag for the version, push git commits and tags, and push the .gem file to


Please see for details.



Project is sponsored by Eventtus.