This repository contains some bettercap transparent proxy example modules.

  • androidpwn.rb - Will execute a custom command on each Android device exploiting the "addJavascriptInterface" vulnerability.
  • osxsparkle.rb - Will execute a custom Mach-O OSX executable on each OSX machine exploiting the Sparkle Updater vulnerability .
  • beefbox.rb - Similar to injectjs but specialized to work with the BeEF framework.
  • debug.rb - Debug HTTP requests and responses.
  • location_hijacking.rb - Hijack Location header with custom URL.
  • replace_images.rb - Replace all images with a custom one.
  • rickroll.rb - Inject an iframe with the (in)famous RickRoll video in autoplay mode.
  • hack_title.rb - Add a "HACKED" text to website titles.