Currency Converter

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Moneyc is a library that allows you to get the exchange rate and conversion of one currency to another. This library uses the API of the European Central Bank via

Get historical rates for any day since 1999 (2000 January 3).



gem 'moneyc'


gem install moneyc

Use it

require 'moneyc'

# Convert 7.55 EUR to USD 7.55, from: 'EUR', to: 'USD').convert
# => Float

# Convert with specific date 7.55 EUR to USD 7.55, from: 'EUR', to: 'USD', at:
# => Float

# Get today rate (EUR to USD) 'EUR', to: 'USD').rate
# => Integer or Float

# Get specific date rate (EUR to USD) 'EUR', to: 'USD', at:
# => Integer or Float