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A ruby gem for Cisco ASA management via an interactive terminal session.

This gem lets a program interact with a Cisco ASA using CLI commands. It includes a minimal set of functions for issuing commands and parsing the results.


Most people would be better off using Cisco's official REST API plugin for the ASA platform. This gem does not use the supported API. It was developed as an academic pursuit and may not be suitable for your environment. It is distributed under the MIT License, which is to say that it comes with no warranty of any kind.

That being said, you might find it useful if you are working with older hardware or if you have other special requirements. The official REST API plugin is only supported on 5500-X, ASAv and newer platforms.

For the time being, direct SSH is the only transport method implemented by this gem although it could easily be extended to support alternatives like using a serial console or a jump box.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to browse through the test files in the script folder. To supplement its automated tests, this gem provides a framework for live testing against devices in a lab environment. There are several canned test scripts that demonstrate different features of the library.

Each script executes a series of commands declared in a block as show below. The test runner displays output as it would appear in an SSH session and adds color to indicate how the output is being parsed. Informational messages can be added to the output with the log method.

ASAConsole::Test.script do |asa|
  log 'Connecting...'
  if asa.version? '>= 9.4(1)'
    asa.priv_exec 'no terminal interactive'
    log 'The "no terminal interactive" command is not supported'
  log 'Disconnecting...'

The included test scripts are designed to be non-invasive and to leave the device configuration in its original state. Nevertheless, running them in a production environment is not recommended.

Command Line Utility


asatest [options] <testname> [asaname]


List command line options and available tests:

asatest --help

Execute a canned test:

asatest connect

Load a custom test file:

asatest -f ./my_test_file.rb

Configuration Files

The asatest executable will read a list of default command line options from the file ~/.asa-console/test_options.yaml. Here is an example of the file format:

show-session-log: true
color: light

Each key matches a long-form command line option with the leading "--" removed. Run the program with "--help" for a complete list.

Device information is needed for running live tests. By default, the program will look for appliance information in ~/.asa-console/test_appliances.yaml. Here is an example of the file format:

default_appliance: firewall002
      connect_timeout: 20
      user: testuser
      password: execpass
    enable_password: enablepass

If any of the following options are not found in this file, the user will be prompted to enter values for them.

  • terminal_opts[host]
  • terminal_opts[user]
  • terminal_opts[password]
  • enable_password

The enable password can be omitted if it is the same as the terminal password or if it is otherwise not needed.

API Documentation

You can view online documentation at or generate it yourself with:

rake yardoc

To include documentation for objects used in testing and development:

rake yardoc_dev