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A UUID support library specialized on v4 UUIDs, parsing and formatting existing UUIDs. It can encode and decode dashed UUIDs, compact UUIDs, large integers, UUID URNs and Base62 coded UUIDs.


gem 'uuid4'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install uuid4


uuid = UUID4('d40aa316-6e30-4bae-a673-7b2cf35a8f99')# => <UUID4:d40aa316-6e30-4bae-a673-7b2cf35a8f99>

uuid.to_s# => "d40aa316-6e30-4bae-a673-7b2cf35a8f99"

uuid.to_s(format: :compact)# => "d40aa3166e304baea6737b2cf35a8f99"

uuid.to_s(format: :base62)# => "6s7exj9M9mGqLs5KhhWWaB"

uuid.to_s(format: :urn)# => "urn:uuid:d40aa316-6e30-4bae-a673-7b2cf35a8f99"

uuid.to_i# => 281851565884874220786890141677225938841

uuid == 'd40aa316-6e30-4bae-a673-7b2cf35a8f99'# => true

'd40aa316-6e30-4bae-a673-7b2cf35a8f99' == uuid# => true

uuid == "d40aa3166e304baea6737b2cf35a8f99"# => true

uuid == '6s7exj9M9mGqLs5KhhWWaB'# => true

uuid == 281851565884874220786890141677225938841# => true

uuid == 'urn:uuid:d40aa316-6e30-4bae-a673-7b2cf35a8f99'# => true

uuid == UUID4('d40aa316-6e30-4bae-a673-7b2cf35a8f99')# => true


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/jgraichen/uuid4.


(c) Jan Graichen

The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.