Mobvious extensions for Rails views, controllers and CoffeeScript

Key Features

  • Access detected device type easily from controllers and views. Just write device_type.

  • Execute code for given device types only. Both in controllers and views.

    <% for_device_type :mobile do %>
      <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'mobile_styles' %>
    <% end %>
  • Do the above stuff also in your CoffeeScript.

    alert 'You are using a ' + Mobvious.device_type + ' device.'
    Mobvious.for_device_type 'mobile', ->
      alert 'You are using a mobile device.'

Get Started

  1. Include the gem in your Gemfile.
    For Bundler >= 1.1: gem 'mobvious-rails'
    For Bundler < 1.1: gem 'mobvious-rails', require: 'mobvious/rails'

  2. Include modules to your controllers and helpers. No sneaky monkey patching in Mobvious!

    Put this into your ApplicationController:

    include Mobvious::Rails::Controller

    And this into your ApplicationHelper:

    include Mobvious::Rails::Helper
  3. Optionally, include also CoffeeScript helpers.

    Put this into your layouts/application.html.erb:

      <%= mobvious_javascript %>
      <!-- other code here -->

    And this into your application.js:

    //= require mobvious-rails

That's it! You can now use all the stuff. See the documentation if necessary.