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  • About the project
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  • Development Setup (Docker)
    • Requirements
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Running the application

About the Project

The Jack Of All Trade Universe is an online marketplace for self-organized exchanges. The JoatUnit is a currency that is generated to promote community activities such as planting community gardens or teaching classes. More information can be found at


JoatU is created and maintained by Volunteers, and we would love your help. Please feel free to check out our issues and if you fix something, send us a pull request!


Development Dependencies

  • Docker
  • Docker Compose

Production Dependencies

  • Ruby 2.4.5+
  • Bundler
  • Postgres 9.3+
  • Postgis (Postgres Geo Extension) 2.1+


The following commands will get you set up to begin develpment on JoatU:

  1. Check out the code:

    • git clone
    • cd joatu-v2
    • docker-compose build
  2. Set up environment:

    • You must create a Google Maps API key before completing this next step
    • Once you have obtained your API key, you must add it to the environment file located at <project_folder>/docker/
      • edit the file and add the following line to the end, replacing <api_key_value> with the API key that you created.
      • GOOGLE_API_KEY=<api_key_value>
  3. Create the development and test databases

    • Run the following command, it will create the development and test databases in the postgres server
    • docker-compose run app bundle exec rake db:setup
  4. Load seed data and create an initial admin user:

    • docker-compose run app bundle exec rake db:seed [email protected] INITIAL_ADMIN_PASSWORD=password
    • Log in to JoatU using email [email protected], password password.
    • Once logged in, you will have access to administration tools from within the "Manage JoatU" menu.
  5. Start up the app

    • run docker-compose up app
    • The app should now be available on localhost:3000