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Auto-create json and xml APIs from csv files. Instant endpoints without any hassle.

Why should I use this?

  • Your boss/client hates you so they insist on sending you .csv files for their data.
  • You need to do a quick prototype and don't want to waste time importing / converting
  • You're bored and want to write an app with pre-historical data that you found on a floppy!
  • Your life depends on it (Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, jk you should be fine!)


Install it running:

$ gem install csv2api


Basic Example Code

To read from the current directory, run the following command

$ csv2api

Starting CSV2API...

2 csv files detected. Creating API endpoints...

tasks.csv - http://localhost:3000/tasks
weather.csv - http://localhost:3000/weather

Note: Endpoints can be accessed with the filename (spreadsheet view) or their .json, .xml extensions.

Spreadsheet View


Load a specific folder

$csv2api -d office_stuff/sad_csvs/

Command-Line Application


  • -d, --directory - load csv files from directory
  • -v, --version - display the version
  • -h, --help - print help



  • [ ] Load single files
  • [ ] REST Support
  • [x] WebUI



If you have any questions, ideas or a good joke:

Gitter chat


Is it worth it? let me fork it

I put my thing down, flip it and debug it

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Ti gubed dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup I