Spherical provides access to VMware vSphere servers and their resources via a self-contained Ruby gem. It provides the following features/benefits:

  • Small number of dependencies; only relies on savon and xmlsimple

  • Utilizes meta-programming wherever possible to introspect server-side operations and data structures, enabling simple adaptation to changes in the vSphere API.

  • Abstracts away complex traversals of vSphere tree structures, as well as access to properties, etc.

  • Covers almost the entire vSphere API – if you can do it directly with the vSphere SOAP API, you can do it with Spherical.


When installing Spherical, the following gems will be installed automatically if they are not already:

  • savon – a library providing simplified access to WSDL endpoints

  • xmlsimple – a robust XML parsing library that converts even complex XML to simple native data structures.

  • rspec – spec testing support

RDoc Documentation

See the auto-generated documentation