Mmmm, a Minimalist mail library for Ruby. Works with SMTP or sendmail. One method call to send out emails. You're done. Easy tastes good. Oh, and it works with Ruby 1.9.

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$ git clone git://
$ cd mmmail
$ rake install

or use GitHub gems:

$ sudo gem install lsegal-mmmail --source


An easy example:

require 'mmmail'
MmMail.send(to: '[email protected]', from: '[email protected]', 
            subject: 'hello joe', body: <<-eof)
  Hey Joe,

  You left the kitchen light on.
  It started a fire and burned down your house.
  Have fun in Hawaii.


Yes, that's Ruby 1.9 syntax, get used to it. It should work out with the inferior 1.8 hash syntax too.

More complex stuff, like using sendmail instead of Net::SMTP:

require 'mmmail'
MmMail::Transport::DefaultConfig.method = :sendmail

Okay it wasn't that hard. You can also specify the path to sendmail with

MmMail::Transport::DefaultConfig.sendmail_binary = '/bin/sendmail'

Dealing with SMTP auth and separate hosts:

My ISP makes me do this:

require 'mmmail'
config = MmMail::Transport::DefaultConfig = ''
config.port = 587
config.auth_type = :plain # or :md5cram or :login
config.auth_user = 'myuser'
config.auth_pass = 'mypass'

Yours might too. Okay, it doesn't make me do all of that, but these are just examples, right?

You can also create a MmMail::Transport::Config object to pass to #mail if you need multiple configurations:

config = = ''

MmMail.send({options: here}, config)
# or 
msg = '...', from: '...', subject: '...', body: '...')
transport =
transport.send(msg, config)