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Midori is a Ruby Web Framework, providing high performance and proper abstraction.

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Web Framework Official Extensions Modularized Event Engine HTTP Parser
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  • Ruby >= 2.3.6


gem install midori.rb

With Bundler

gem 'midori.rb'
bundle install



Following benchmark results testing {msg: "Hello"} JSON response by visiting GET / with a single-core, 4GB memory, UCloud Linux instance.

Note: Performance under Mac OS X needs to be further improved. wrk gives very bad performance result. The following result is tested under Linux.

framework version req/s
Rails (Thin, Ruby 2.5.0) 5.0.6 537.01
Rails (API Mode, Thin, Ruby 2.5.0) 5.0.6 826.56
Sinatra (Thin, Ruby 2.5.0) 2.0.0 1216.17
express.js (Node.js 9.3.0) 4.16.0 5463.82
midori (Ruby 2.5.0) 0.5.0 4069.87


The name midori comes from midori machi, which was the place I stay on my first travel to Tokyo.

Semantic Versioning

Version consists of four numbers:

Milestone Major Minor Patch
Example 1. 2. 1. 5
Explanation Milestone version Incompatible API changes Add feature Fix bugs

Note: Before version v1.0, there's no minor version API compatible ensuring.


See Contributing Guidelines before you leave any comment. This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

Tutorial & Example

There is an unfinished tutorial available here.

There is also an example showing how to use midori with a todo-list web app available here.


Development roadmap has been moved here.

Detailed release notes for published versions can be seen here.

Midori 2 Goals

  1. Support HTTP/2
  2. Support RPC Server
  3. Add MVC abstraction example with scaffold
  4. Improve performance of eventloop
  5. More examples on using midori


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