Contribution Guidelines

First of all, each single contribution is appreciated, whether a typo fix, improved documentation, a fixed bug or a whole new feature.

Making your changes

  1. Fork the repository on GitHub
  2. Create a topic branch with a descriptive name, e.g. fix-issue-123 or feature-x
  3. Make your modifications, complying with the code conventions
  4. Commit small logical changes, each with a descriptive commit message. Please don't mix unrelated changes in a single commit.

Commit messages

Please format your commit messages as follows:

Short summary of the change (up to 50 characters)

Optionally add a more extensive description of your change after a
blank line. Wrap the lines in this and the following paragraphs after
72 characters.

Submitting your changes

  1. Push your changes to a topic branch in your fork of the repository.
  2. Submit a pull request to the original repository. Describe your changes as short as possible, but as detailed as needed for others to get an overview of your modifications.
  3. Optionally, open an issue in the meta-repository if your change might be relevant to other implementations of Steam Condenser. Please add a link to your pull request.

Code conventions

  • White spaces:
    • Indent using 2 spaces
    • Line endings must be line feeds (\n)
    • Add a newline at end of file
  • Name conventions:
    • UpperCamelCase for classes and modules
    • lower_case for variables and methods
    • UPPER_CASE for constants

Further information