Version 0.4

Exciting News! Zajal's from-scratch rewrite for version 0.4 is finally public! It's still in its early stages, but the pure-Ruby architecture is holding up and has the potential to do amazing things. Follow the Amsterdam branch for more!

This is the future!


A blend of Ruby, openFrameworks and a clean consistent syntax, Zajal is a staggeringly awesome creative coding tool.

what it looks like

How do I use it?

The easiest way to get started is to head over to the main site and hit the giant download button (Only Mac OS 10.6 or later is supported at the moment). This will download the latest build of the interpreter. From there, check out the documentation and the built in examples in Help>Examples to learn how to use the language. The sketch book is also a great resource.

If anything looks a little spotty, that's because Zajal is still brand new and under active development! Report anything amiss on the forums.

To get the bleeding edge, try this

$ git clone
$ cd zajal
$ make
$ ./bin/zajal examples/complete-sketches/ballerina.rb

To build the Cocoa app, open frontends/cocoa/Zajal.xcodeproj in XCode 4 and build that baby out!

How do I contribute?

Just using Zajal and providing feedback on the forums is plenty. If you happen to be awesome and want to do more, bug reports, improved documentation, better examples, sketch book submissions and code submissions are all welcome.

Provided under the MIT License. Check LICENSE for more on that.