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Babelish : Chaotically confused, like Babel

Originally created to deal with localizedStrings files (aka CSV-to-iOS-Localizable.strings-converter), this command tool now converts a csv file of translations into the below file formats and vice-versa:

  • .strings (iOS)
  • .xml (Android)
  • .json
  • .php

It can also fetch the csv file from GoogleDrive.


gem install babelish

Requires Ruby 2.0.0 or above.

Or download Latest Release.

Or via docker: docker run netbe/Babelish babelish help


› babelish help                                                                                                                                                          18:21:30
  babelish android2csv     # Convert .xml files to CSV file
  babelish csv2android     # Convert CSV file to .xml
  babelish csv2json        # Convert CSV file to .json
  babelish csv2php         # Convert CSV file to .php
  babelish csv2strings     # Convert CSV file to .strings
  babelish csv_download    # Download Google Spreadsheet containing translations
  babelish help [COMMAND]  # Describe available commands or one specific command
  babelish init            # Create a configuration file from template
  babelish json2csv        # Convert .json files to CSV file
  babelish open FILE       # Open local csv file in default editor or Google Spreadsheet containing translations in default browser
  babelish php2csv         # Convert .php files to CSV file
  babelish strings2csv     # Convert .strings files to CSV file
  babelish version         # Display current version

      [--verbose], [--no-verbose]
  -c, [--config=CONFIG]            # Read configuration from given file
                                   # Default: .babelish

You can use a configuration file to hold all your commandline arguments into a file. Place a .babelish file (YAML) in your repo where you will run the command. In case you need to reset the Google Drive token you have to delete the .babelish.token file. See .babelish.sample file in the doc folder. as the possible values.

For previous CSV-to-iOS-Localizable.strings-converter, rename your .csvconverter into .babelish.

Note for docker: In order to export the output of a conversion, you will need to pipe the result out of the container. An example would be

› docker run netbe/Babelish babelish csv2json >> some_file.json

For more details, check the documentation:


Run bundle install to install all the dependencies. Tests are done with Test::Unit so run rake test to run all the test suite.

Todo & Known issues

See GitHub issues