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opensearch-ruby is a community-driven, open source fork of elasticsearch-ruby licensed under the Apache v2.0 License. For more information, see


To add the client to your project, install it using RubyGem

gem install opensearch

or install it from a source code checkout:

git clone cd opensearch-ruby/opensearch gem build opensearch.gemspec gem install opensearch-.gem

Import the client as a module:

require 'opensearch'

If you prefer to add the client manually or just want to examine the source code, see opensearch-ruby on GitHub.

Sample code

require 'opensearch'

# If you want to use authentication credentials
client = url: 'https://admin:[email protected]:9200', log: true

# If you don't want to use authentication credentials
#client = url: 'http://localhost:9200', log: true

# Create an index with non-default settings.
index_name = 'ruby-test-index'
index_body = {
  'settings': {
    'index': {
      'number_of_shards': 4

response = client.indices.create(
  index: index_name,
  body: index_body

puts 'Creating index:'
puts response

# Add a document to the index.
document = {
  'title': 'Moneyball',
  'director': 'Bennett Miller',
  'year': '2011'
id = '1'

response = client.index(
  index: index_name,
  body: document,
  id: id,
  refresh: true

puts 'Adding document:'
puts response

# Search for the document.
q = 'miller'
query = {
  'size': 5,
  'query': {
    'multi_match': {
      'query': q,
      'fields': ['title^2', 'director']

response =
  body: query,
  index: index_name
puts 'Search results:'
puts response

# Delete the document.
response = client.delete(
  index: index_name,
  id: id

puts 'Deleting document:'
puts response

# Delete the index.
response = client.indices.delete(
  index: index_name

puts 'Deleting index:'
puts response

Project Resources

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Amazon Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ, or contact [email protected] with any additional questions or comments.


This project is licensed under the Apache v2.0 License.

Copyright OpenSearch Contributors. See NOTICE for details.