OpenTox Validation

  • An OpenTox REST Webservice for validation and reporting

API documentation


  • validation and reporting is seperated in code (see below)
  • see validation/README and report/README for more general info

Source Directories:

  • validation all validation stuff excluding the reports (should not access code in report)
  • report reporting stuff (should not access code in validation)
  • lib helper classes used by validation and by report
  • test test examples and use-cases (additional to those in the test repository)

Non-Source Directories:

  • data data files for validation
  • docbook-xml-4.5 for converting xml reports into html
  • docbook-xsl-1.76.1 for converting xml repors into html
  • RankPlotter for creating rank-plots in compare-algorithm reports
  • reports reports are stored in this folder
  • resources icons and stylsheet

Glossary / Wording:

  • accept_values domain or possible class-values for classification (e.g. 'active','inactive')
  • prediction_feature endpoint feature that is predicted (exists once in cross-valdation)
  • predicted_variable feature for predictions of a model (exists 10 times in 10-fold cross-valdation)
  • predicted_confidence feature for predicted-confidence of a model (exists 10 times in 10-fold cross-validation)

Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Martin Guetlein, Christoph Helma. See LICENSE for details.