Interact with the Deck application for Nextcloud using Ruby.

Implementation based on Deck's API documentation.

Disclaimer: This is very much a work-in-progress that does not cover all the features of the API!

How to use

Assuming the following environment variable are set:

  • DECK_API_USERNAME: The name of the Nextcloud user to use to access the Deck application;
  • DECK_API_PASSWORD: The password associated with the aforementioned user;
  • DECK_API_DOMAIN: The domain where the Nextcloud instance is accessible at.
require 'nextcloud-deck-api'

# get the list of boards
boards = DeckAPI::API::Boards.get

# get the list of stacks of the board of id 42
stacks = DeckAPI::API::Stacks.get 42

# add a card to the stack of id 43 of the board of id 42
card = Deck::Card(title: 'Title of the card'
                  description: 'A description of what this card is about',
                  board_id: 42,
                  stack_id: 43)
DeckAPI::API::Cards.create card


# install the dependencies
bundle install

# build and install the gem locally
bundle exec rake install

# run the tests
bundle exec rake spec

# lint the code
bundle exec rake rubocop

# build and (locally) serve the documentation
bundle exec rake doc

Code of Conduct

Everyone interacting in the nextcloud-deck-api project’s codebase, and issue tracker is expected to follow the code of conduct.