Sync Automation results with your testrail suite

Install gem file

gem 'testrail-cucumber'

Import the library in your env file

require 'testrail-cucumber'

Sync Case ID in your BDD scenario

Prefix TestRail Case ID on start of your cucumber scenario; say, C860

  Scenario: C860 Verify the home page
    Given I navigate to "home" page
    Then I verify the home page

Config TestRail details

  • Create a testrail config file, testrail_config.yml in the project parent folder
  • Fill up the testrail details on right hand side of the fields (url, user, password, and run_id); run_id is the dynamically generated id from your testrail account (say, run_id: 111)
  url: https://your_url.testrail.io/
  user: your@email.com
  password: your_password
  run_id: your_run_id

Update the results through Hooks on end of each test

After do |scenario|

Is there a demo available for this gem?

Yes, you can use this demo as an example, https://github.com/prashanth-sams/testrail-cucumber

rake test